Got too many keys

We have been assisting commercial organizations and government agencies with their lock and key solutions for the past 25 years. We can help with anything that has a lock or key. Whether you need lost keys replaced to a filing cabinet, a safe open or a complete commercial master key system we can help.

Commercial Master Key Systems

Let us help increase security AND simplify your businesses key management system.

Does your business have just too many keys?

Has your commercial key security become an unmanageable?

Are you concerned important keys are being copied?

For many years we have been helping improve AND simplify security within organisations using master key, restricted entry key, and key hierarchy systems.

People come and go in organisations and the company evolves. This can mean keys go missing, locks get replaced and security can be compromised with unmanageable bunches of keys and people having access to things they shouldn't.

We can help by providing complete master key systems. Master key systems provide levels of key security which mean employees can only access what the business needs them to. We can also add additional security levels with restricted profile keys which cannot be duplicated without permission.

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