KK ODB blocker
We hear of vehicles being stolen every day as the thieves become more and more tech savvy with each upgrade our cars and vans receive from the manufacturers.
Here at KG Key Services, we may have found the solution!
Modern cars and vans use computer controlled systems including car security. The On Board Diagnostics Unit (OBD for short) is used by authorised dealers to run diagnostics for fault finding etc. unfortunately for us as car and van owners, thieves have managed to get their hands on this equipment as well and use it to steal your car or van.
The solution to this is simple – call us and have an OBD Blocker installed.
The OBD Blocker stops unauthorised communications to your vehicle.  Keys cannot be programmed and the thief can’t drive your car away.
The OBD Blocker comes with a separate tag which should be kept with your keyring.  You only hand over the tag to businesses you are authorising to work on your vehicle for services such as spare car keys or repair work in a garage or if your vehicle has broken down by the roadside.

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