At KG Key Services, we endeavour to provide a similar service to Main Dealers without the hassle of booking your car in, leaving it, and then being without it. We come to you and the car. We are Volvo dealer approved using the dealer software.

As technology advances, we constantly update our equipment to keep up with what is being introduced by Vehicle Manufacturers, especially on security protocols.

Take today’s job, the customer called and explained they have lost all keys to a 2019 Volvo XC60.

Normally this would require a costly recovery to the main dealer, a lengthy delay while parts arrived and a large repair bill. We ordered the OEM Keys and attended the customer’s premises within 48 hours (if the keys are in our stock, then same day service is available).

The door lock was picked open and decoded to enable us to cut an emergency blade (this particular vehicle has PEPS Keys – Passive Entry, Passive start).

The voltage of the car is then supported to ensure constant voltage and the car is connected to the Volvo Network via VIDA (Vehicle Inforamtion and Diagnostics for Aftersales)-laptop and internet connection.

All cars communicate via the OBD2 port (On Board Diagnostic) and usually through a pass-thru device which converts the electrical signals from the car into something the laptop can recognise. In Volvo’s case this is a DiCE unit (Diagnostic Communication Equipment), this is called D2 and GGD protocol by Volvo. However as this car is post 2016 (Volvo introduced the VDS Protocol in 2016 starting with the XC90 model) then the new VDS Diagnostic Protocol must be used.

VDS protocol-based vehicles support diagnostics over wireless LAN and by Ethernet cable. This delivers faster communication and a simplified connection. So, getting to the original point, we have purchased the required hardware to allow us to carry out this kind of diagnostic programming.

Within 15 minutes the car had the missing keys deleted and two new keys coded to the car. As this repair was carried out with OEM Keys and Volvo VIDA, then the new keys carry 12 months parts fitted warranty with Volvo.

It’s important to note, that if the car had been within manufacturer warranty (usually within three years) this particular method preserves the warranty for your car.